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My 15 Minutes of Fame at Search Engine Journal

3 Jul

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Ann Smarty for Search Engine Journal about curation,, writing and journalism. It was a lot of fun answering her questions.

Read the full interview here.

Interview with Liz Wilson, Community Editor at, Search Engine Journal


Commonsense guide to starting and monetising a blog

3 Mar Butterflyist

For the past few months I’ve been following the progress of Andrea Wren, a freelance journalist for The Guardian, as she started her own blog with expert help. There was none of the “5 ways to instantly get rich quick through internet marketing!” hysteria.  Continue reading

Write for the web like a journalist — and get read

29 Feb Typefaces by FontFont

Here are eight great tips on writing for the web. They are aimed at journalists but could be useful for anyone who needs to write read-me copy — I’m thinking especially of content marketers.  Continue reading

Three ways to check your content is clear

14 Sep

Here are three simple tests to check if your audience will easily understand what you’ve written … or not. Continue reading

Write in plain English for a global audience

27 Aug

Here are a few ways to write more clearly for people whose first language isn’t English. They could be useful if you publish content for any international audience.

1. Use plain English – that means common, shorter words.
2. Limit the number of words – around 15 for sentences and 35 for paragraphs.
3. Avoid idioms – there is always a more straightforward alternative.
These three tips come from more than seven years’ experience of writing for multinationals’ employees and other worldwide audiences.  Let’s look at them in  more detail. Continue reading

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