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Get a Start in Digital Storytelling

30 May Girl in a Bedouin mask by mnadi

What’s the best way to get a start in video or film journalism? According to Adam Westbrook, multimedia producer, journalism lecturer and entrepreneur, go out and make a video.

“Just do it”, was his advice when I interviewed him recently. Practice beats training, says Adam. You will be disappointed with your first efforts, but the best way to begin is to get out in the street and start filming.  Continue reading


Is the sun shining on your blog?

22 May

How’s your blog doing? Is the outlook sunny or are the clouds on the horizon? If you’re struggling to start up, or you’ve been going awhile and you’re flagging, help is at hand. Ileane Smith, the face behind the very successful Basic Blog Tips, has kindly offered some advice.

I was able to interview Ileane recently and she answered these questions:

What’s the first thing a new blogger should do?

The first step to establishing yourself online is – and perhaps this sounds a little crazy — get a Gravatar. Continue reading

Top tips for self-publishing: quality, targeting, marketing and promotion

19 Apr I love books by Bethan on flickr

Just recently I have interviewed two people who are a mine of information about publishing and self-publishing. I know that’s a topic of huge interest, so I wanted to highlight some of their good advice. They agree that the most important factors are are a quality book, targeting your audience, and the ability to market and promote your work. Continue reading

Publishers are struggling, but publishing people can thrive

13 Apr 10 reasons you should hire me

Publishing is dead, long live publishing. Maybe that’s a bit extreme, but all the evidence is that the old publishing models are unworkable and that we are all publishers now.

Does that mean we old-school publishing professionals should give up, go down the pub and lament the old days? Personally, I don’t think so.

I’m in transition from the old publishing world to the new, but every day I see more and more opportunities for people with solid skills like researching, writing, editing, design, proofreading, and content strategy. Continue reading

Turn a blog into a compelling online magazine

11 Apr Make your online magazine compulsive reading

There is so much advice on blogging around that it’s not easy to separate out the truly useful stuff. Given I’m still in the early dark days of stumbling around WordPress, I’m trying, and here’s the second really great article I’ve read.

It’s timely for me as I’ve recently started building my second and way more ambitious blog on More of that another time, but suffice it to say I need all the help I can get.

This post is from the Social Media Examiner and helps you see your blog as more of an online magazine. If you want a large following this could be the approach to take.  It’s written by Michael Stelzner, who created the Examiner, which has 140,000 subscribers. Continue reading

How to get striking images on your blog (for free)

15 Mar Cat eats film by kevin dooley on flickr

When I started blogging six months ago, I had no idea how I was going to illustrate my posts. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to do so. It’s a personal choice, but I am more likely to read a blog with an appealing illustration than one without.

Since then I’ve learned a few things about finding and editing free photos — here are the 10 best. Continue reading

Keep your skills up to date (and eat more cake)

7 Mar Raspberry and banana cake by bittle on flickr

I’m still in transition from the offline world of work to the online one, so I have a lot to learn, to put it mildly. Mastering the intricacies of WordPress, getting used to Google Docs, finding online photo-editing tools that work, and creating a Facebook page (not going there yet), are eating up my days.  Continue reading

Commonsense guide to starting and monetising a blog

3 Mar Butterflyist

For the past few months I’ve been following the progress of Andrea Wren, a freelance journalist for The Guardian, as she started her own blog with expert help. There was none of the “5 ways to instantly get rich quick through internet marketing!” hysteria.  Continue reading

Top tech tools for writers

1 Mar Pink typewriter by kruemi on flickr

Writers, how many different ways can you publish your work — books or articles, fiction or non-fiction? If you immediately think of print, think again.  Continue reading

Write for the web like a journalist — and get read

29 Feb Typefaces by FontFont

Here are eight great tips on writing for the web. They are aimed at journalists but could be useful for anyone who needs to write read-me copy — I’m thinking especially of content marketers.  Continue reading

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