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I’ve moved! Come and see me

26 Jul

Much as I’ve enjoyed being here at Dotcomma, the time has come for me to move to a new home. Come and visit my new blog CONTENT Works. Look forward to seeing you there.


12 Must-Do Tasks for the New WordPress Site Owner | Copyblogger

8 Jul

See on Scoop.itOld School to New School

For anyone who’s just set up their first WordPress hosted site, Pamela Wilson outlines 12 things you need to do next.


So helpful – I’m working my way through the list. 

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Create Content to Equip Your Customer for Success

6 Jul

See on Scoop.itCreate and Curate

The interview I’m linking to is not *directly* about content, but the lessons in it are fundamental for all of us in content production/curation, communications, and PR.

If you want advice on achieving professional/business goals, it’s in the title of the original piece: Chris Brogan: Be helpful, be brief, and listen.

Here are some extracts outlining a different approach to “marketing”.

“Customer service is far stronger than marketing as a business tool.”

“You have to equip your customer for success…. if there was one sentence I could put into every big company, B2B as well, it is how do you equip your customer for success.”

“I think that living in service of your community, equipping your customer for success, these are not things people say in the boardroom. People say we need more sales. That begets more sales. But we buy from people we like.”

“Be there before the sale. Do a lot to be helpful before you try to extract value from the dollar”

“Brevity. Learn to think in 120 characters instead of befuddling.”

*Read the full interview by Heather Taylor, Editorial Director for EConsultancy US, on the EConsultancy blog blog

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Content Marketing: Curation, Repurposing & Collective Social Wisdom

3 Jul

See on Scoop.itCreate and Curate

Thanks to Henneke Duistermaat (@henneked) for this Scoop:


One of the great talents of an effective content marketer is the ability to re-create or as my pal Ann Handley says, reimagine content.


Lee Odden argues that “the future of repurposed content is scaled curation / collective social wisdom”. 

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7 Steps to Turning Large Companies into Content Marketing and Blogging Machines

30 Jun

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How can organisations create enough authentic, relevant and helpful content?


Marcus Sheridan has an answer: educate all employees to become content marketers. Yes! Employees can write and blog! Why ever not?


Marcus “The Sales Lion” has proved it in a number of companies. Here he tells “how”.


This is gold dust for larger organisations struggling to produce content. And it could be adapted for smaller companies too.


Here are 3 of Marcus’s steps:


*Have a CCO – Chief Content Officer

*Educate management

*Regularly share content marketing “victories”


Read the full post 


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8 Quick, Simple Basics to Get People Reading Your Online Content

30 Jun

See on Scoop.itOld School to New School

Moving from print to online writing? Here are 8 basics for making your copy highly readable.


The post is written by Pamela Wilson who has a design business and is also a successful blogger.


Some of the ideas are probably familiar – but she had some tips I hadn’t thought of.


*Use deep captions – “captions are consistently some of the most-read copy on a page”

*Check both routes through your copy – the one where the reader scans the whole text and the one where they only scan headings, subheadings, lists and bold text.


 Every point is valid. All the ideas are simple to apply, and can be done for your next blog post.


Find Pamela here


Original article here

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Old-School Skills Can Get You Ahead in the New World of Content

27 Jun

See on Scoop.itOld School to New School

Some ideas (from me) for leveraging solid journalism skills.


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Turn a blog into a compelling online magazine

11 Apr Make your online magazine compulsive reading

There is so much advice on blogging around that it’s not easy to separate out the truly useful stuff. Given I’m still in the early dark days of stumbling around WordPress, I’m trying, and here’s the second really great article I’ve read.

It’s timely for me as I’ve recently started building my second and way more ambitious blog on More of that another time, but suffice it to say I need all the help I can get.

This post is from the Social Media Examiner and helps you see your blog as more of an online magazine. If you want a large following this could be the approach to take.  It’s written by Michael Stelzner, who created the Examiner, which has 140,000 subscribers. Continue reading

How to get striking images on your blog (for free)

15 Mar Cat eats film by kevin dooley on flickr

When I started blogging six months ago, I had no idea how I was going to illustrate my posts. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to do so. It’s a personal choice, but I am more likely to read a blog with an appealing illustration than one without.

Since then I’ve learned a few things about finding and editing free photos — here are the 10 best. Continue reading

Three different ways to write about happy customers

28 Oct

Businesses like using success stories about customers, clients or users to showcase the benefits of a service or product. But what’s the best format? Continue reading

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