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My 15 Minutes of Fame at Search Engine Journal

3 Jul

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Ann Smarty for Search Engine Journal about curation,, writing and journalism. It was a lot of fun answering her questions.

Read the full interview here.

Interview with Liz Wilson, Community Editor at, Search Engine Journal


The power of drawing: an interview with Sarah Clark

11 Jan Sarah Clark of Clear Thinking - Clear Communication

Communication is becoming more and more visual, and mostly that means more digital. Sarah Clark is passionate about the lower-tech trend for visualisation — with coloured pens, chalk and a large roll of paper rather than the latest web tools (for now). Continue reading

My turn to see things differently

5 Dec

As things are now, I feel privileged to have work. To have work that absorbs me, teaches me, touches me – that’s a real bonus. These last few weeks I’ve been writing about CulturaDigital.Br for the community. Continue reading

Setting off on a new journey into digital curation

29 Nov

Since I began this blog in August 2011 things have been moving fast. That’s why I haven’t posted for a while. I started getting interested in content curation and it became all-consuming. Once you try it, you’ll see why! Continue reading

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