DOTCOMMA  is the personal blog of Liz Wilson.


Liz has a wealth of experience from a career in creating and publishing content in different fields. She began her working life as a journalist and was a senior editor on major UK newspapers, including The Times, Daily Express and Mirror.

She left print journalism to freelance and has for the past decade been a brand journalist, content strategist and  communications consultant for multinational enterprises and global organisations.

Liz made the transition to digital in 2011, joining tech startup as a writer. She is now Community Editor. She continues to freelance as a brand journalist, providing strategic advice and content to multinational companies.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Liz works worldwide.

She also publishes CurationHub, a digital magazine for anyone interested in understanding and realising the potential of content curation both as a cure for digital overload and as a way to create new commercial opportunities (in beta).

What will you find there?

Everything from practical tutorials on how to use Pinterest to think-pieces on how to amplify your content. Liz monitors and filters diverse information sources to select the best content about curation theory and practice. She organizes it  by topic area so you can easily find all articles or media on your area of interest.

Liz also writes original content, from how-to guides to articles and the odd blog post.

CurationHub is very much a work in progress and she values all comments, ideas, suggestions and thoughts.

Connect with Liz 




Skype lizwilson2

Or send her an email at lizimcp at gmail dot com.

You can reproduce anything written here under a Creative Commons licence. Photographs are licensed by their owners.


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