Create Content to Equip Your Customer for Success

6 Jul

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The interview I’m linking to is not *directly* about content, but the lessons in it are fundamental for all of us in content production/curation, communications, and PR.

If you want advice on achieving professional/business goals, it’s in the title of the original piece: Chris Brogan: Be helpful, be brief, and listen.

Here are some extracts outlining a different approach to “marketing”.

“Customer service is far stronger than marketing as a business tool.”

“You have to equip your customer for success…. if there was one sentence I could put into every big company, B2B as well, it is how do you equip your customer for success.”

“I think that living in service of your community, equipping your customer for success, these are not things people say in the boardroom. People say we need more sales. That begets more sales. But we buy from people we like.”

“Be there before the sale. Do a lot to be helpful before you try to extract value from the dollar”

“Brevity. Learn to think in 120 characters instead of befuddling.”

*Read the full interview by Heather Taylor, Editorial Director for EConsultancy US, on the EConsultancy blog blog

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